one foot in chaos, the other in order

Waddlebla - the original trail

Truly a destination for those who are vertically inclined, roots, rocks and bigger rocks, ruts, drops, jumps and a big jump, and views for miles. This track has got it all for the adventure trail seeker.


Getting to the trail is easy, either by car shuttle or riding. Waddlebla drops into the city side off the Lake Morris road at about 10 klms up the road, a large rocky outcrop juts out of the earth, here you hike your bike up to the start of the ridge.


Top section of Waddlebla, just before hitting the rock slide!


It's a wild ride, but that's mountain biking. Waddlebla starts of with some steep rocky descents, with a few boulders that can dislodge and roll by you when you slide down the face of this rocky outcrop. The trail then meanders through trees with some bombing good sections to be had by all who drop there brakes early. Plenty of roots, bomb holes, squirrel catchers await those who venture into these parts of Cairns. Waddlebla is such a fun track to ride, especially after a light shower of rain sprinkles the track, giving it hero dirt like grip, yet slippery roots gnarl there way across sections ready to slip the back wheel into those rutty corners. Although there has been some good work done to the bottom half with nice berms and a couple of hip and double jumps, it's definitely riding a teeter totter between chaos and order. The bottom run comes out at a water tower access road, so it's very easy to ride away unscathed and in high spirits, as you reflect on the moments where death was met, overcome and good times prevailed.