The humble bearing

This week I'd like to talk about ..

One of the most important component on a bicycle..the humble ball Bearing!

Remember the mighty fidget spinner? It's meteoric rise in popularity and just as quickly as they came they were gone. They entertained kids and adults alike but what they also did was to bring the humble ball bearing to the fore of the collective consciousness.

When you think about it bearings are literally what make our industry go round. They are practically in every mode of transport. And bicycles are no exception. . Their smooth rolling motion is what allow us to glide along our road, path or trail.. and the efficiency with which we glide is only as good as the conditions of our bearings.

So if your bicycle's bearings have begun to bind and slide, then bring it in to RideOn where we can re-inject the glide to your ride.

Live free -Ride hard -RideOn!

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