“Become a part of the Ride On culture and gain access to your own mechanic, workshop, trail riding tours and just hanging out at the shed” 


* drop in to the Ride On shed to find out more!

We love riding bikes, especially mountain bikes, but we also enjoy the down times, such as chilling out in the shed. Coming from all different walks of life, we bring different ideas, ways of living, conversation topics, favourite YouTube channels, and yes whatever is hot on Trump's Twitter feed, anyway you get the idea.

The Ride On shed is not just a shed, it's a place to hang out, have a drink, BYO food (whatever it maybe), you can also bring a 6pack to replenish the coffers, or coffee or a tea depending on the time of day.

Anyway that's the idea, the shed is a place to chill, when you are not hitting the hills, shredding the mountains, or doing the grocery shopping. Give those legs a rest and hang out in the lounge for a bit. you can also get your bike serviced and have a good chat in the meantime.

Ride On Membership is currently free for life.

Open between 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturday and Sunday, drop in and chill out.


Since joining Ride On as a member, I have gotten faster, more confident, and no longer need to wear lycra when riding the bike to the shops.

Johnno / Discombobulator Salesman

It's great having a place I can escape from the everyday grind, and also if I need to get my wheels trued, my mind warped and have a laugh at the same time, not many places you can do that anymore.

Manuel Juerez / International Roaming Bike Athlete