Getting chased by a mad German horse rider, having a red belly black snake pass by, then getting a big centerpede grab onto my shirt, having wait-a-while pull me off my bike was the least of my worries.

BOM Trail comes in from the top of Saddle Mountain Rd, Kuranda and then drops in from the telecommunications site / BOM weather station. The trails weaves in between ancient forest trees and gives you the hairy experience of sliding over moss covered granite rocks and gnarled roots leeching from the soil below. Leeches, yeh there were a few, given the wet weather that hammered Cairns about a week ago. The top section is also usually covered in cloud, which is good for the trees and wildlife, with plenty of humidity, there are so many sections that are steep, loose and wild. Some really good all mountain riding to be had.

Now this trail drops into the Smithfield bike park, from there you can either choose left and run the gauntlet down the Worlds DH track or go right, do some drifty fireroad sliding and then hit the Nationals DH track. This track is full of snakey burmed up corners, jumps and high speed drops. So much fun either way. After that, you can hit Black snake which will get you back to the carpark, or continue and try out some fingers in the park (fingers are the name of the trails used for previous cross country races, named fingers because each trail goes off from a palm like map, looking like a hand), so now you could be confused.

So get out on your bike, get up the hill, maybe try out the BOM Trail, who knows you may even see a Yeti roaming the jungle looking for bananas.


Dropping in from the BOM weatherstation into Smithfield Bike Park